Magnets: A Means For Science Experiments

Coming in many different shapes, sizes, and strengths, magnets can be used for a variety of reasons, probably the most common association being with hanging up A+ papers or family photos on the refrigerator. Magnets in their raw form, however, can prove to be more fun when conducting scientific experiments for school or just exploring your own sheer curiosity of their power in affecting their surroundings. For example: sure, you might have guessed that magnets and electricity are related, but have you ever wondered whether magnets can affect plant growth? Or other living organisms for that matter? You can easily discover these answers in your own home with mostly the gathering of materials. For other magnet-related questions you might have never stopped to think about, click here.

There are already some simple experiments that you can conduct if you have magnets, a compass and some other easy-to-find materials. One idea you can explore is insulators, or things that affect the magnetic force of a magnet, seen here.The possibilities are almost endless! A great list for conducting scientific experiments can be accessed here.

Also, please remember that when experimenting with magnets of any sort that you handle your magnets carefully. Underestimating the attraction of two magnets can lead to pinched fingers or pieces of the magnet chipping off; for this reason, it wouldn’t hurt to wear eye goggles so that you are prepared if you accidentally send tiny magnet fragments flying.  Once you have some basic magnet safety under your belt (and some other materials in hand), you can begin to have your own magnet experiments while learning and having fun along the way.


Challenging Your Kids with Magnets!

Finally you can relax…the kids are back to school!  But that doesn’t mean they still aren’t full of energy!  It’s always great to help your kids not only find a way to keep busy, but to provide fun and challenging tasks.  Magnets are a great way to keep your kids busy after school and during the weekends! 

If you have a middle school or high school student at home, they are probably using their first locker!  As a parent, your priority is probably to make sure they keep that organized, but they just want it to look cool!  Magnets can provide many ways to not only organize a locker, but provide ways to decorate as well.  Here you can find how you can combine an old CD and magnets to create an artistic picture frame or art piece for the inside of your locker!  Note that you can add magnets to the back of smaller items, such as a chip clip, to help your student keep organized by hanging a To-Do list or more.

Another great way to keep the kids busy is as simple as an old keyboard (one that you do not use anymore) and magnets!  Yep…it’s that simple.  Step by step instructions to be creative with an old keyboard and magnets can be found here.  But don’t let the instructions stop your creative mind!  Put your own inventive ideas to the test and see what you can make!

If that isn’t challenging enough, push your kids a step further!  Have them do some research on new magnet crafts or create their own!